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Microburst Insulin Infusion,

also known as Artificial Pancreas Treatment

Artificial Pancreas Treatment® is the only treatment proven to stop and reverse the many complications of diabetes !

For the first time, patients with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are able to stop and often reverse the horrible complications of diabetes, restoring health and thus the quality of life they once had.

Both patients and their families can obtain RESTORED HEALTH with Microburst Insulin Infusion, also known as the Artificial Pancreas Treatment®.

The Artificial Pancreas Treatment® is the only clinically proven treatment which has regularly reversed the complications of diabetes.

Conditions which have been improved or reversed are:

  • Neuropathy (painful, burning leading to numb limbs). Patients with neuropathy including both the pain and loss of feeling, have been reversed 93% of the time.
  • Nephropathy at all stages, patients restore loss of kidney function. Some on dialysis have been able to restore function sufficiently to discontinue dialysis, but not all. Many are able to stop the progression of kidney disease sufficiently to avoid dialysis.
  • Retinopathy (eye disease) patients routinely improve their eye health, and stop laser treatments, even those with many prior laser treatments.
  • Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is common among diabetic patients, and MII patients have restored heart health and improved ejection fractions.
  • Un-healing Wounds are common among diabetic patients. MII can be effective for even the most difficult wounds.
  • Diabetes “Fog” is common and patiets have quickly responded to MII treatment.
  • Erectile Disfunction is common, and responds to MII for most patients who have had success within the preceding 5 years.
  • Blood Glucose “out of control blood glucose” can be dangerous, especially hypoglycemia. MII provides better control and commonly eliminates the unexpected hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).



The Heart of Artificial Pancreas Treatment®

Mitochondrion are tiny organelles, almost like bacteria, which are inside almost all human cells and turn food into energy by converting foodstuffs into adenosine triphosphate – commonly known as ATP.  The mitochondria of people with diabetes do not receive the signals that cause needed enzymes made in the liver which are necessary to process carbohydrates properly. It is the failure to process carbohydrate that is diabetes.

The good news is that once the mitochondrion is provided the necessary enzymes, they quickly begin to produce energy and the cells and organs heal themselves.

This is the beauty of the Artificial Pancreas Treatment®; it mimics a normal pancreas stimulation of the liver! This is also why with over 200,000 treatments and 25 years of development; there has never been a reported adverse reaction or injury from MII – Artificial Pancreas Treatment®.