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Important Milestones:

  • Realized that Blood Glucose Controls was not enough.
  • Developed a treatment to help normalize carbohydrate metabolism.
  • Designed and built a unique pump able to deliver precise insulin boluses.
  • Achieved the first ever return of carbohydrate metabolism by diabetic patients.
  • Obtained FDA approval with 13 completed clinical trials having no adverse reactions.
  • Carefully improved the Artificial Pancreas Treatment® to treat diabetic conditions.
  • Obtained FDA clearance and 13 completed clinical trials with no adverse reactions.
  • Developed a turn-key system to open clinics and physicians’ offices.
  • Followed patients for over 10 years to prove no loss of effectiveness over time.
  • Conceived of a Home Therapy so that that patient can treat at home after restored health.
  • • Began an international clinic and office opening to meet the goal of restoring health to 400 Million people by 2025

Clinical Trials:

  • $15 million paid for extensive Clinical Trials show a reversal of diabetes complications (the first ever treatment to do so).
  • Medicare-sponsored studies were all successful.
  • 20 publications show how Microburst Insulin Infusion reverses complications.
  • 60+ supportive Publications show why it works so well
  • All Trials were successful and patients uniformly improved.
  • 2017 publication at 14 centers showed 93% reversal of neuropathy in just 12 weeks.
  • 2017 publication of 1,920 patients show a 95% reduction in Hospitalization and Emergency Department visits.
  • No failures or incidents occurred during or after studies.
  • No adverse reactions shown in any patients to MII treatment
  • No pump or equipment failures or recalls.
  • Clinical Trial locations include University of California, Mayo Clinic, Scrips, Joslin, Temple University, University of Arizona and other well-known centers.
  • Many treatments have only a few clinical trials, and not well-proven safety and efficiency. The Bionic Microdose Artificial Pancreas Treatment® is the only treatment clinically proven to stop and reverse multiple diabetes complications.

A list of clinical trials and publications is available upon request.

Board Members

Professional Members of Diabetes Network are invited by the Advisory Board.

Nardo Zaias MD, 15 years with MII, PhD Endocrinologist Jose Martinez MD, Endocrinologist, Pof. Med. Kevin Buckman MD, Prof. Med Harsadbhai D. Patel, MD, Internal Medicine James C. Patterson, MD, PhD David Capper, Prof. and MD

Each type of members have membership heads. Other physicians are being invited as the Diabetes Network expands

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