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The Artificial Pancreas Treatment provides the missing stimulation of the liver.

The liver provides the enzymes needed for the body to metabolize (burn) carbohydrates. This is the core problem that people with diabetes have, the inability to process this important type of food.

When these missing enzymes are restored, the body can process carbohydrates which provides each cell with needed levels of cellular energy (ATP) from carbohydrates.

With that needed energy the tissues heal themselves because the DNA remembers how to heal, naturally!   

For Information, call (916) 643 2010.

This week in Diabetes History

Month of January

THE ARTIFICIAL PANCREAS TREATMENT For the last 20 years the Artificial Pancreas Treatment and Artificial Pancreas System have been in development, but the problem has always been that the cost of delivering the treatment is too high for the average diabetic patient. It is now proven that APT will slow, stop and in many ways reverse the complications of diabetes, truly wonderful news to millions. And now it is affordable and available. The treatment provides what a nondiabetic pancreas supplies, a very discreet series of oscillations in the blood of a nondiabetic person. These oscillations are required for normal carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. By mimicking what a nondiabetic pancreas does, the Artificial Pancreas System restores energy to the cells from carbohydrates, which are needed for the cells to have a normal amount of energy (ATP). The good news is that the DNA of every cell never forgets what it is supposed to do, and once proper metabolic energy is reestablished, the cell knows what to do and the body prepares itself naturally and in its own special way. The Artificial Pancreas Treatment (which is a treatment under the practice of Medicine) uses the FDA-cleared Bionica pump, the infusion part of the Artificial Pancreas System, and is now in the final commercial rollout phase where patients can be treated for six months and, with the help of a friend or family member, the patient can be treated at home for three weeks coming back only once a month into the clinic for the first year. After a successful year the patient will be able to be treated once every two months. This approach provides the answer on how to treat millions of people who are in dire need of stopping and reversing their diabetes complications. CALL OUR NUMBER FOR THE NEXT WEBINAR

From the Front Lines

Ft. Worth opening

The Ft. Worth clinic is opening in January, and people in Ft. Worth will soon be able to stop the progression of the horrible complications of diabetes. Read more...

Excellent Patient Outcomes.

The Orange County clinic has completed nine months of patient treatments and the outcomes are as expected, beyond anything that is otherwise available. Patients uniformly are helped in the various secondary complications from which they previously suffered. The patent stories are enough to make their families and friends cry for joy. The Orange County clinic is a total success for the patients! Just ask them. Read more...

Trina Health opens West Houston

Trina Health has opened its newest clinic providing the same unique treatment, the Artificial Pancreas System using the Bionica FDA cleared pump and measurement systems that mimics normal pancreas stimulation of the body. There are both morning and afternoon treatments available. If anyone or their loved one has diabetes related complications, you can go to the Trina Health facilities for a free consultation and assessment. Conveniently located at 11511 Katy Freeway, Suite 510, Houston, TX, 77079 Please call: 713.595.9595 Read more...

The Orange County Clinic is Expanding

The Orange County clinic is directly across from the Hoag Hospital Diabetes Center, 1525 Superior Ave. - Suite 214, Newport Beach, CA 92663. This clinic provides the Artificial Pancreas Treatment to rescue patients from the devastating complications of diabetes. Patients and their families are invited to learn more by calling the clinic at (800)650-7850. You may also email the company at Read more...

Hong Kong Clinic

Hong Kong is the first Asian location for the Artificial Pancreas Treatment. The staff is being trained. The telephone numbers are : (852) 2808 2660 and (852) 2808 2670 Read more...